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There’s fun stuff happening lately, so here’s a post full of tidbits you may have missed. Like:

Codeplex has announced Subversion support. They will be running a server-side SvnBridge to allow access to all the projects so you can grab source more easily because it supports anonymous access. Amusingly, it’s actually easier to use than TFS, all you need to know is the project name to get in. E.g.: https://PoshConsole.svn.codeplex.com/svn

Clarius has just released of their T4 template editor for Visual Studio. There’s a free version, and a pro ($99) version. It’s excellent, and if you haven’t gotten into generating code using t4, what are you waiting for?

StackOverflow The new programming question-and-answer forum from CodingHorror Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky has launched.

Dave Glover wrote a cool post about how simple it is to create a bootable USB install disc for Vista and Miguel de Icasa created a C# Eval statement and console shell for the Mono Project.

Sir Tim Berners Lee launched the world wide Web Foundation to proactively advance the goals that “a single web” should be “open to any device and software” and to extend the capabilities of the web and ensuring they can be accessed securely by everyone on the planet… Hard to say what this all means, at this point.

Present.ly and Yammer launched as attempts at private corporate Twitter implementations. Present.ly looks most promising, they have the concept of “groups” that is missing from twitter, and they have a few different types of posts (questions, urgent messages, group broadcast messages, etc). However, they charge for anything more than the most basic account (ie: no IM without paying). Yammer has a more curious business model (it’s almost like extortion): employees can join for free based on their email address, companies can then pay to take over their (pre-established on-the-fly) corporate network and exert some control over it, but their Jabber/IM is working great already.

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