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I’m Joel Bennett. HuddledMasses.org is my site, where I write about technology and software development, and occasionally about news from the real world, our vanishing privacy and personal rights, my struggles with studies, research, and work, or whatever else strikes my fancy. If you need to get in touch with me, you can fill out a comment form on one of the posts, or just email me.


I grew up in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and moved to upstate New York in 1989 where I attended a small private high school. I graduated from Nyack College in 1996 with a inter-disciplinary BS in Youth Ministry and Cross-Cultural studies, and then went to Guernsey and the southwest of England for about a year …

At the end of 1997, I married my wife Wendy, and early the next year I started working at the Xerox Corporation, where I still work today. In that time I’ve completed gone back to school through the Computer Science BS and MS programs at RIT, and I’ve gotten myself awarded a Microsoft MVP for PowerShell.

Over the years I’ve contributed in various ways to open source projects such as geoShell (where I got my start as a real programmer), WinShellEx, PowerShell Community Extensions and many others to a lesser extent, like WordPress and Joomla

Although at work I’m an enterprise Asp.Net Web developer, in my free time I like to code on non-web projects, so I keep busy running open source projects like PoshConsole, PowerBoots, and WASP and developing and running the PoshCode and PowerShellGroup websites and the Upstate NY PowerShell user Group as well as a Virtual PowerShell User Group.


Jaykul is a pseudonym I’ve used since the late 1980’s or so, starting in games and BBSes and eventually even as a member of open source software development teams. Doing “real world” work like software development under pseudonyms has gone rather out of style lately, but rather than loose it completely, I choose to simply mix it into my real name.


  • I was an atypical nerd in High School: one of those guys that gets A’s and B’s without actually studying, and writes for the school paper — but I was also a starter and varsity letterman in every sport our high school played.
  • I first learned to read and write in Spanish — in public school in Costa Rica.
  • Some of my favorites: fruit: mango, sport: soccer, drink: hot tea, color #336699, music: house, nu jazz, literature: Sci-Fi and spy novels.
  • I tried to teach my eldest daughter to count on her fingers in “binary” (did not work out).
  • I can’t tell a G# from a B or Do from Sol, but I nonetheless learned to play both the guitar and the saxophone as a kid (but I long ago lost those skills for lack of practice).
  • I enjoy photography, but have never bothered to take a class and actually get good at it.
  • I believe in God.
  • I’m never quite happy with visual design work I do (including my websites).

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