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How the developer's brain works

True story. This might be why God invented managers.

Validating Self-Signed Certificates From .Net and PowerShell

In this article I'm going to present a module that helps you deal with one of the common problems for Windows PowerShell users (and even .Net developers) who are trying to interact from command-line applications with web interfaces (especially those that are hosted internally): Self-signed certificates, and how to ignore the errors that come when you try to validate them. If you don't care about why I wrote it the way I wrote it, you can just check out the module on GitHub or install it with PoshCode or PowerShellGet by running:

A Fresh Start


A few weeks ago, someone somehow injected a shell onto my WordPress powered blog site. They managed to get multiple hacking tools installed, delete files required for hosting, and who knows what else. Needless to say I was frustrated and upset. In fact, I was so frustrated that to get rid of it I just tore down the whole site.

Missing Content

Since I've blown away all my old blog content, there are a lot of pages missing that were really useful. I'm going to bring the best of them back, and I have plans to actually rewrite some of the older ones to update them (part of the reason I let the old ones go is that some of them were so out-of-date that they might have been misleading).

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