1and1 $5 hosting

Well, it’s cheap … and I’ve got no complaints about 1and1 (at the time of this writing, they host huddledmasses.org).

$4.99 for 120GB of space, and 1200GB monthly transfer volume. You even get 25 MySQL databases, 10 FTP accounts, and the usual scripting languages (Perl, Python, PHP). You have full ability to host multiple domains and subdomains — you even get two domain names free, and 1200 email accounts.

[new] Edit:

I’m in the process of moving some of my domains back to 1and1, because they offer pure domain name registration services now, and they’re cheaper than GoDaddy (with the possible exception of the initial “new signup” bonuses that GoDaddy tempts you with).

Actually, they have a new $4/mo account which is more than enough for the average site: $3.99 includes the domain, and 10GB of space and 300GB of transfer, as well as the ability to have subdomains and multiple external domains, and up to 10 databases and 600 email accounts. It does have PHP 4 and 5, but not Perl or Python at that price.

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4 thoughts on “1and1 $5 hosting”

  1. I’ve had a wonderful experiences with 1and1.com. Their Database servers are somewhat overshared but beyond that they’ve been great. It is made clear up front that the domains are auto-renew. And they are cheap anyway. When joined under their free plan, you were offered, after a year, their premier professional package at half price. That’s REALLY hard, if not impossible to beat. The $5 hosting just might give you a similar upgrade deal at a year’s time. However, YMMV.

  2. hi there, i was just searching for people using wordpress and 1and1… i just signed on, and i’ve been having a lot of issues with plugins causing internal server error 500’s… support’s telling me it’s because there’s a cap the processing time (20 megs / 6seconds).. but i’m not sure about that. you seem to have quite a bit going on on your front page, have you run into any issues like that?

  3. I didn’t have any problems with this layout on their servers, but to be honest, I’m not hosting with them at the moment (a friend is hosting me on his full leased server). However, I gotta say that if your pages are taking six seconds to process … you really need to reconsider your layout ;)

    Maybe you should use one of the caching tools?

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